More studio

I finally got around to rationalising my plugins- I’ve halved the number of free VSTs I’m using it Pro Tools via fxpansions excellent VST to RTAS wrapper. Using the excellent Massey tape head plugin for mastering warmth it doesn’t sound exactly like a good tape machine, but makes nice sounds nonetheless!
Garageband ’08 is seeing a lot of use as a composing tool- it’s so fast for getting ideas down and orchestrated.

Happy new year!

Weekdays are booked out with teaching work until June.
I am still available for mastering at weekends.
Currently mixing the Buds live, and Fionbarra’s album.
Redesigning studio in the new location, by the sea. Superstition holds that studios by the sea are the best 🙂
Casio VZ-1 keyboard for sale- lovely synth action, 3 mod wheels and assignable foot controller, cool sounding synth. I am changing to the rackmomunting version due to Feng Shui 🙂


MAKING PICTURES has just been short listed for the BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM AWARD at the
Boston Irish Film Festival November 8-11 2007. Irish premiere is Oct 15th 2007 at the Corona Cork Film Festival. European premiere is on the 20th October 2007 at the ARTECINEMA FILM FEST in Naples, Italy.
Funny thing. I used my glockenspiel on Declan’s film. It’s also seeing some use on that street singer’s album I’m doing right now. Turns out The Feeling use the same one! So it must be good 🙂 See here.

Gear sold

Been very busy. Lots of interesting gigs. Just finished location sound for a Canadian docu on the Air India disaster, directed by the esteemed Sturla Gunarsson.
Doing post for an educational film on joyriding, mixing the Refuseniks and recording the Symbolics 🙂 Got rid of NI Guitar Rig, the Vox is doing the business with the Refuseniks, we’ve finished all the overdubs and it’s set to be a pop gem.
I don’t miss the Casio, but the Yamaha was great. It was actually my first ever synth :(. But it’s not so bad, I have another CS5, and a CS10 too :).

Feng Shui

The BCF2000 is really good. Works well, mixing is definitely faster. One more purchase, a keyboard overlay for Pro Tools shortcuts, from here. Inexpensive and highly recommended. So now I can finish a session at a more sociable time!
The studio layout is quite different from the pictures now. Improved acoustics and ergonomics. I’m just waiting for the right light for a photograph 🙂