During the summer months Tomás sometimes helps his friends in the studio, but no longer operates commercially.

theory or Mutual Assured Destruction kept the cold war cold-  should one superpower attack the other, both would be annihilated. It ensured that a peaceful balance was maintained.

It’s a name that evokes our formative years in the eighties when synths and drum machines were the tools for evocative film soundtracks, epic albums and nights of dancing.

Retro- futurism.

2000ad Futureshock, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis with the Queen soundtrack, Casio keyboardsThomas Dolby, The Buggles; Tron, Leon Theremin and Nikola Tesla, Kraftwerk, Moog, Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, the Linn LM1 drum computer, Commodore 64, Pong.